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SA. 20.09.2014
Special Guests:

Start: 23:00 Uhr


[der-bomber-der-herzen, kapstadt, südafrika]

As one of the top exports of the SA electronic dance scene, HAEZER has established himself as a leader in the bass heavy electro genre which has gained wide spread popularity in dance clubs around the world. With his maxim ?Commercial Music is Dead' HAEZER has traversed the world promoting the underground and being a part of the wheel that has turned to give this genre the deserved mass recognition it receives today. With 3 headlining tours to Australia, soon to embark on his 5th tour of Europe and 2 top 30 and a number 3 on the Electro House Beatport chart, HAEZER is proving to be an artist worth keeping an eye on. His latest release is a 6 track EP titled, ?The Wrong Kid Died' out on Steve Aoki's label, DIM MAK Records. The EP features iconic South African vocalists Tumi (Tumi and the Volume), Circe, Francois van Coke and Hunter Kennedy of Fokofpolisiekar, Mike Zietsman of PH FAT and Evil Boy most noted for his collaborations with Die Antwoord. The EP was released in AUGUST 2012 followed by new single titled TWO FACE that will be coming out on Birth Records in NOVEMBER 2012, his first official UK release. The EP steps away from overly distorted synths and giving spotlight to clean heavy bass rhythms combined with varied synth melodies and a return to vocal collaborations.


[Rage & Error, Leveltrauma]

If you are eyeballing Stephan ´s career particularly it is a real small story of success from Halle, Saale without any exaggeration. Always on the go with love for his own music the Rage & Error owner is increasing his fanbase constantly especially in the middle and west of Europe. Releases on Fanatix, Killaz or Miditonal are not the only reasons -- its rather the passion Stephan is working for his music and Rage & Error label day by day. Producer, DJ, liveact and label owner in one person is hardly jerking nerves and physical reserves but Stephan doesn ´t show any signs of fatigue to work on his definition of hard Techno music. His sets and tracks are mirroring the mix of Tekstyle, Hardtechno and Hardcore. Rhythm parts bursting with energy complement with brazing samples and melodies to an arrangement full of power and diverse dynamics. So when the plaster ´s coming down the ceiling and the crowd is going nuts there can just be said: it was Strube!


[Adrenaline Tokyo, Rage & Error, Japan]

He was born in Sapporo, Hokkaido, and has created tracks since 1998, started his career as Digital Hardcore, Hardcore Techno music. He moved to Tokyo in 2003, and started Techno DJ around then. Now, He is the organizer of “Adrenaline Tokyo” that is known as the only HardTechno/Schranz party in Japan, and have invited DJs from Europe (ie:Frank Kvitta, Kaoz, Ewe, Electronmike, and Davidchristoph) for 2 years. Also he is making Hardtechno tracks, and has been released by labels in Germany, UK, and some countries since 2009, ie : Bullshit, Friendly Fire, Killaz, and so on. He established new label name is “Adrenaline Tokyo” in Oct 2012, and will release his own tracks and new talents from Japan. HONJO

Dusk & Black Vel
[Mangue Records, yuleebooking, Dresden]

„Electronic music-style. I ain´t gonna deal with no other business!” In the beginning there just was this idea. Musically born in the early nineties, both “Dusk” and “Black Vel” have made their way from listening to recording to mixing this electronic music. With Dusk starting to organize parties around 1996 and Black Vel joining little later, they now look back at a decade of DJing, partying and friendship. This long term development allows “from dusk till black vel” an imaginative and more intuitive approach towards DJing. Dusk started mixing deep minimal techno in 1995 whereas Black Vel’s first gig in 2000 took him directly to the main floor at the local club named Kesselhaus. Dusk organized parties there and over the years both got to know and respect each other. One outcome of this growing friendship was the idea of forming a DJ duo which they finally did in 2002. For 13 years now they have been playing the national and international scene, promoting their idea of electronic music. Today’s sets of “from dusk till black vel” are influenced by minimal and progressive sounds but never lose track of the joyous moment of loosing your mind on the dance floor. Yes, musically they are constantly growing. But still there is the aforementioned motto: electronic music style. They are different because they know better. You will feel this. On the dance floor.

[The Qontinent, Cherry Moon, Complex, Belgium]

This guy started almost 8 years ago and sinds then there was no stopping! He plays a mix of dirty tekstyle and hardtechno beats and is known for his unique mixing-style. You can only do one thing when he starts to play and that's prepare for the madness! Some references; The Qontinent, Complex, Cherrymoon, Fortivity,.... Biography Source: Hard-Alliance Website